Appraisals are a listing of assets and an opinion of value of those assets. Often appraisals are prepared at the request of an attorney, but we have conducted them over the years for any reasons. We are not licensed real estate appraisers, but we are capable of placing a value on most personal property assets.

Often an appraisal is a preliminary step towards conducting an Auction.  Lambrecht Auction has performed numerous personal property appraisals and offers this service to those in need.

Our past clients include numerous different clients such as:

  • Estates (executors/ executrix’s)
  • Bank Trustees
  • Private individuals
  • Attorneys
  • Insurance Companies
  • CPAs
  • Business Owners

Appraised Items

  • Excavation Machinery
  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Antiques
  • Household Furnishings
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Mechanic and shop tools
  • As well as many other items

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