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FAQs About Building Material Liquidation and Real Estate Auctions

I’ve never been to an auction. What do I do?

First timers, don’t be intimidated! It’s really quite simple and a fun and exciting way to purchase items at low prices!

When you arrive at the auction, you will first go to register at our mobile office trailer. You will need a valid driver’s license to present for identification. If you are tax-exempt- NOW is the time to let us know. Bring your exemption certificate with you when you register.

Once your information is registered with us the first time, the information is saved & it will be in our system for next time. After we enter your information, you get your bidder number & a catalog of the auction.

You are free to wander around & look at the auction items, or grab a snack at the food vendor if you like. We start promptly at the scheduled Auction time. We recommend you be there at the start of the auction to hear the Auctioneer announcements.

There are always auction staff available for any questions that you may have.

Registration is FREE whether you bid on something or not!

Can I look at the items before I bid?

Yes!! The auction preview usually starts at least 2 hours prior to the official start of the auction. Even our online auctions offer a preview prior to bidding. Items are tagged with the lot numbers so you can identify them in your catalog.

All bidders should do their own due diligence BEFORE they bid! Be sure to check out any of the lumber liquidation, flooring liquidation, wholesale kitchen cabinets, roofing materials, discounted siding and much more!

What should I bring with me?

All auctions vary, but many of our auctions, we create a catalog that we hand out at the auction. The catalog we issue is a small booklet style, you can print the full one at home once it has been posted online.

ALWAYS dress appropriate for the weather!!! Regardless of rain, snow or heat PLEASE bring the proper clothing to keep you comfortable. It  is always advised to bring a tape measure if you wish to double check a dimension.

Depending on the auction type, bring whatever reference data you wish to make educated purchasing decisions.

What are my trucking options?

We do provide a short list of various local trucking companies, however it is difficult to keep current. We advise buyers do a little preliminary research of trucking options prior to bidding. Lambrecht Auction has no involvement in trucking, it strictly the responsibility of the buyer to organize.

What order is the auction sold in?

Order of the auction is usually the lot order. Sometimes we have more than one Auctioneers selling at a time to expedite the auction. The Auctioneer will announce at the beginning of the auction the flow of the auction and where they will be splitting off, if it is a large auction. Please pay attention to the announcements.

How does bidding work?

When an item comes up you would like to bid on, the Auctioneer will announce the lot number and description. The Auctioneer will call out a bid until someone accepts it. When you go to bid, you will want to raise your bidder number, your hand, or make another clear gesture to the Auctioneer that you are interested in bidding on that particular item. Then the bidding is on!

The bid increase will be controlled by the Auctioneer until no higher price can be attained for the item and then it’s SOLD!! The Auctioneer will clarify the winning bid amount, the lot number & the quantity.

NOW is the time to make sure you are on equal terms. If you are unclear or unsure on something, you must ask the Auctioneer at this time!! Do NOT be shy!

The high bidder will never be undersold and if there are multiple choices, high bidder will receive first choice.

Bidding on an item is an acknowledgement to purchase and when the Auctioneer says Sold! , that is acceptance to an offer that is a binding contract.

How do I pay for my items?

All winning bids are recorded on a clerking sheet by an auction employee on the auction floor.  This sheet is then brought to the office trailer where it is recorded into the computer system. There is typically a 15-20 minute break in the time from when you win your bid to when you can pay.

You will pay at the office trailer where you registered. You must be in the computer before you can pay.

Remember there will be a Buyer’s Premium & sales tax on top of the winning bids when you go to check out.

Accepted forms of payment are: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express.


Lambrecht Auction does not want you to be intimidated or unsure of the auction process. We want to make it a fun, positive experience for all those who attend.

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