Laminate Flooring

Discount Laminate Flooring Can Be a Great Choice for Your House

Laminate flooring is one of the most popular floor coverings today, because of its durability and the great look it offers. It can also be very affordable when compared to hardwood, and be an excellent choice for people who would prefer not to have carpet in certain areas of their home. With the many different brands and looks of laminate flooring, it can work well in just about any space and can provide a homeowner or business owner with a new look for a great price. Before buying this type of flooring, it is important to know what it really has to offer.

Types of Laminate Floors

There are several types of laminate flooring, with the most popular being Pergo. This is actually a brand name, and carries the best warranty along with high durability ratings. It can look like hardwood flooring, but there are also some options that look like stone or tile. While this can give you the look of other types of floor coverings for less, laminate can also resist scratching and change the entire look of a room. With that in mind, many people seek out laminate flooring at a great price so they can use it for their home remodeling project.


Among the many benefits of laminate flooring is durability. It does not scratch as easily as some of the softer woods, and it also holds up to reasonable amounts of water, dirt, and grime. Overall, this type of flooring will last for years. Even when homes have dogs and small children, laminate floors can be kept looking great. That can mean less money spent on flooring over time, so that more can be invested in other types of building and remodeling projects. While not perfect, laminate is a good option for a great look and a lasting finish.


Installing laminate is generally not difficult. It is usually used as a “floating floor,” which means that it is not glued, nailed, or stapled down to the subfloor underneath it. Instead, it is tongue-in-groove and each piece of flooring interlocks with the one next to it. Then molding is placed around the edges, hiding the small gap between the flooring and the wall that allows for expansion and contraction with temperature and humidity changes. Laminate can be installed by the homeowner or by professionals, and looks great in a number of different settings, colors, and room layouts.

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