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Our sorting and assembly teams are both in need of some hard working, positive people.  These teams process all the products that we sell at our Auctions.  Each day brings a different set of expectations depending on the new target to complete.  Building a strong team of quality people is the key to our daily success.

About LAI:

Lambrecht Auction, Inc. has been a traditional Auction company since 1958.  We have sold real estate, antiques, construction & farm equipment, tools, firearms, business liquidations, and more.  In 2010 we began developing a niche business of Building Material Auctions.  In these Auctions we sell items such as kitchen cabinets, flooring, lumber, roofing, plywood, tools, and much more.  We have grown to a staff of 20 full time people.  We now operate out of the former Ellmer’s Glue Factory in Bainbridge, NY.  This facility consists of a 48,000 sf warehouse on 20 acres.  We relocated our business to this facility in 2016 and it has offered us great opportunity to grow.  We still see major potential in this business.  We operate a unique niche and there are not many others in the country that offer what we do.  We have already grown to be one of the leading Building Material Auction Companies in the US and believe we have a large growth opportunity still to come.

Scope of Team’s Responsibilities:

Our Sorting Team is generally a 4-person and sometimes 6-person team.  Its Primary role is to break down items from manufacturers into smaller “Auction Packs.”  These are the units that customers see in our Auctions and are in a more manageable size.  The sorting team is also performs the role of quality control by separating any products that are not of the desired quality and packaging them separately and tagging them with the issue.  The Sorting Team further tags all Auction packs with product details that can later used by other teams in the Auction process.  This team plays a crucial role in our ability to rotate and process inventory.

The Assembly Team mainly performs the role of assembling kitchen cabinets for Auctions.  However, there are many other tasks that this team accomplishes.  They assemble floor samples and other product sample that we use for Auction Previews and stock photos.  They also assemble pallets that we use for cabinets and product storage.  This team is generally a 2 to 4-person team depending on our workload.  We do recruit part time help to assist this team at times.  Depending on the shift of our workload and deadlines, the Assembly and Sorting teams do assist each other occasionally so that we meet our targets.

Tasks Include:

  • Forklift Operating
  • Weigh product with forklift scale
  • Tagging Product
  • Physically sorting & organizing building materials
  • Work Inside & Outside
  • Assemble cabinets
  • Assemble other product samples
  • Saw & Rip boards to make chaulks (stickers) to fasten lumber to
  • Move inventory in sorting area
  • Complete simple paperwork on what was done for day
  • Help other team members where needed

*We are willing to train on Forklift

Desired Experience:

  • Forklift Experience
  • Basic Computer and Math Skills
  • Basic Paperwork Skills
  • Able to lift 50 lbs or more
  • Must Have Valid Driver’s License & Reliable Vehicle
  • Handled various building products in past

Desired Attributes:

  • Able to work as team player
  • Positive Attitude
  • Get it Done Mentality
  • Complete tasks timely
  • Tolerant to all weather conditions
  • Reliable
  • Excited to learn
  • Organized
  • Personable
  • Willing to work in high paced environment
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Legible handwriting
  • Excited to learn

*We are willing to train on Forklift


Four massive priorities to standout for either team is the ability to be at work each day, exercise common sense, be a good communicator, and reliability.  We want to people who take pride in knocking out a highly productive day with a strong commitment to attention to detail.  Candidates without a driver’s license and not willing to commit to being to work every day will not be considered.

Day to Day with Us:

A typical workday begins at 8 am and ends at 4:30 pm with a ½ hour lunch.  Occasionally these teams have overtime, especially the Assembly Team, when we need to have a certain amount accomplished by specific time.  We are supporters of leaving the day at a certain point rather than certain time.

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